The origin of that sweet dates from 1700, a recipe invented by nuns of the Convent of “Divino Amore” in Naples. Once widespread in all Salento, its tradition is still alive in the Gallipoli area, and in the version not glazed in the Galatina area. In our artisan confectionery laboratory, we make it in the chocolate variant.


Divini Amori


It is well-known in the Gallipoli area, a sweet made of almonds, rice flour (instead of wheat), eggs, Benevento liqueur aroma, orange peel. Once cooked, this sweet, with a long shape, is glazed with sugar fondant, made fluid with water and a syrup with Benevento liqueur.

Divini Amori al cioccolato


It is a version of the traditional “Divini amori” with the same base but the glaze is made exactly the same way of that for “mustaccioli” and using the same ingredients.